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She learned her hands in a fairy-tale

And her mouth on a valentine.

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Name:Rosalyn Kelly
Birthdate:Jul 5
Location:Maine, United States of America
I live in a fishing village on an island off the coast of Maine with my husband and two cats. We have a nearly-grown son who lives on the other side of the continent. My husband and I are both disabled and have chronic pain. We enjoy trying interesting and "different" things. We've kept bees, smoked bacon in the parking lot of our appartment complex, and experimented with making our own mozzarella.

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I write Urban Fantasy and fairy tale-inspired original fiction under the pseudonym of Rosalyn Kelly. My main influences are Charles de Lint, Seanan McGuire, Yasmine Galenorn, and Holly Black. My goal is to include as muc diversity in my writing as I can, not to follow a supposed trend but to reflect the world we live in. I'm currently working hard on an Urban Fantasy series and "noodling" on a twisted fairy tale-inspired series.

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#blacklivesmatter, acceptance, adventure, alternate universes, alternative lifestyles, american folklore, antagonists, anxiety, anxiety disorders, apostrophes, archetypes, arthurian legend, authors, avalon, backstory, baking, big words, books, candles, cats, celtic mythology, challenges, characters, chocolate, chronic illness, chronic pain, commas, communication, conflict, cooking, corvidae, creative writing, creativity, cryptozoology, cuddling, dialogue, disability, diversity, dragons, dreams, duct tape, ebooks, editing, environmentalism, equality, exercise, fair trade, fairies, fairy tales, fantasy, feminism, fiction, fitness, folk traditions, folklore, folktales, food, fortune telling, ghost stories, ghosts, grammar, health and fitness, heroes, history, honey, hygge, imagination, individuality, inspiration, intelligence, intersectional feminism, irish mythology, ketogenic diet, latin, learning, learning new things, legends, lgbtqa, libraries, life, literature, localvore, low carb, magic, manuscripts, mental health, migraines, minimalism, music, mystery, mythical creatures, mythology, mythopoeia, myths, nanowrimo, novellas, novels, organic, pansexual, paranormal phenomena, paranormal romance, passion, pleasure, plot, poltergeists, polyamoury, proper spelling and grammar, protagonists, psychology, queer, quiltbag, reading, recovery, research, romance, romantic fantasy, scottish mythology, secondhand clothes, self-improvement, sexuality, shapeshifters, speculative fiction, spoon theory, stories, story, storytellers, storytelling, strength, superstitions, sustainability, tales, tea, temptation, the oxford comma, tricksters, urban fantasy, urban legends, vampires, walking, weight loss, welsh mythology, werewolves, witchcraft, working out, works in progress, worldbuilding, writers, writing
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