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Rosalyn Kelly ([personal profile] fairytalewitch) wrote2017-03-01 08:02 am

February 2017 in Review

 Books & Writing February 2017

The second month of 2017 went even better than the first. I wrote 55,595 words (198.55% of my standard goal, 132.37% more than my maximum goal) for an average of 1,986 words per day. So, my new standard daily goal is 1,500 words because clearly I can do that.

Most of the month has been spent on research. That doesn't generate much wordcount, so I continued to do character profiles and the occasional writing prompt. The rough outline for Unchained is done and highlighted as development guide. I've been working on revising the format of my character profiles to better suit my needs, as well.

At the end of the month I had an unbroken 100-day writing streak. I'm damn impressed. I'm not so impressed with my non-research reading, which was only three books.