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| 192 Days |

 601 words; general writing studies.
2. 692 words; The Craft of Character & Description (Coursera); noodled a bit on an idea.
3. 853 words; worked on a Blacktree setting.
4. 3,102 words; TCoS&D, journaling, plotted Minestrone & Murder; general writing studies.
5. 2,927 words; plotted M&M; TCoS&D, general writing studies.
6. 3,663 words; general writing studies; plotted M&M; TCoS&D; journaling.

Weekly Total: 11,838 words |  Average: 1,973 words per day | Notes: Not bad, but I was a bit all over the place this week.

 2,700 words; journaling; research for Unchained.
8. 2,200 words; general writing studies; plotted M&M; started revising the hook of Unchained; journaling.
9. 2,200 words; outline of M&M; journaling.
10. 2,522 words; outlined the second draft of Unchained; TCoS&D, journaling.
11. 501 words; general writing studies.
12. 1,101 words; TCoS&D; noodled on Unchained; journaling.
13. 2,662 words; webcast; TCoS&D; journaling.

Weekly Total: 13,886 words |  Average: 1,984 words per day | Notes: I was a bit more focused this week, but I could still do better.

14. 2,376 words; outlined Unchained; TCoS&D; journaling.
15. 1,038 words; scrapped the outline of Unchained and started from scratch; Power of the Pen: Writing Identities & Social Issues in Fiction & Nonfiction (University of Iowa); journaling.
16. 2,500 words; Unchained, TCoS&D; PotP; journaling.
17. 595 words; TCoS&D; PotP; journaling.
18. 1,800 words; TCoS&D; PotP; Unchained; Solitaire; journaling.
19. 4,462 words; Unchained; TCoS&D; general writing studies; journaling.
20. 3,500 words; Unchained; TCoS&D; PotP; journaling.

Weekly Total: 16,301 words |  Average: 2,389 words per day | Notes: That's definitely better, but I still didn't achieve my goals.

2,750 words; Unchained; PotP; TCoS&D; journaling.
22. 575 words; Unchained; PotP; journaling.
23. 600 words; Solitaire; journaling.
24. 3,450 words; Solitaire; PotP; TCoS&D; journaling.
25. 2,850 words; Solitaire; PotP; TCoS&D; journaling.
26. 1,300 words; Solitaire; PotP; journaling.
27. 1,125 words; Solitaire; PotP; journaling.

Weekly Total: 12,650 words |  Average: 1,807 words per day | Notes: I decided I was just spinning my wheels on the Blacktree universe and decided to poke Solitaire for a while instead.

28. 1,300 words; Solitaire; PotP; journaling.
29. 1,125 words; Solitaire; PotP; journaling.
30. 988 words; Solitaire; PotP; journaling.
31. 1,750 words; Solitaire: PotP: journaling.

Total: 5,163 words |  Average: 1,290 words per day | Notes: Using PotP to work on Solitaire feels a little like cheating, but it's really helping me find the shape of this story.

Books of May 2017

1. The Cabinet of Curiosities, by Guillermo Del Toro
2. The Productivity Project, by Chris Bailey
3. Dusk or Dawn or Dark or Day, by Seanan McGuire
4. The House with the Clock In It's Walls, by John Bellairs
5. The Figure in the Shadows, by John Bellairs
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